Program & Schedule 2024

Thursday, June 20st

Arrival and Check-In at Players Town (Stadium)

Continue to your accommodation

Friendlies & Practice Sessions (optional)

Oktoberfest or Dinner at the Food Court (optional)

Karaoke Party at Medal Plaza in Players Town

Friday, June 21st

Preliminary games at all 35 sport venues

Lunch & Dinner at the Food Court

Actvities & Live Shows at Players Town

8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Grand Opening Ceremony inside the stadium

Saturday, June 22nd

Preliminary games & playoffs

Lunch & Dinner at the Food Court

Actvities & Live Shows at Players Town

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm Players Party at Players Town

7:30 – 10:00 pm Gala Dinner at the VIP Lounge (optional for coaches and fans)

Sunday, June 23rd

Check Out at your accommodation


Award Ceremonies directly at the venue, Medal Plaza or Karaoke Lounge

Lunch at the Food Court

4:00 pm – 8:00 pm Farewell BBQ at the lake (optional)


Get an overview of the event and download our offical info brochure for the UNITED WORLD GAMES.


Play your best with a good night’s rest – the ideal accommodation for all athletes is our priority. No matter what budget, no matter what personal preferences, we do have the perfect accommodation for you.

Here is an overview:

Camp site: Our camping site is directly at the lake and therefore offers a maximum fun factor! Tents and sleeping bags have to be brought by the campers.

UWG Camp: Our so-called UWG camps are one of the most popular categories because it is a very affordable accommodation solution and the participants experience 100% UWG flair. Each team has its own separated sleeping area with cots. All you need is your sleeping bag and a cosy pillow. Please note that only players and coaches are allowed to stay in at the UWG camp.

Our UWG Camps

1) Dormitory Messe
Large dormitory at the Messe (exhibition center) shared by several teams. Fieldbeds will be provided.

2) UWG Camp Messe
Indoor tent city at the exhibition center. Each delegation will be assigned its own tent.

3) UWG Camp Stadium
Outdoor tent city directly at our Players Town. Each delegation will get its own tent.

To avoid misunderstandings, there are a few things to keep in mind when booking the UWG Camp:

Our UWG camp has its own girls and boys area.

Male participants are not allowed to sleep together with female participants in the individual tents.

Each team needs an adult supervisor who sleeps together with the team in the tent. In the case of a male team, the supervisor may be a female. For a female team, the supervisor must be a female. Male supervisors are not allowed to sleep with a female team.
If no female supervisor is traveling with the team, written confirmation must be obtained from each parent by the coach to sleep in the tent with the team.

If a female coach cannot sleep in the tent with the male team and no male supervisor can be found, written confirmation must be obtained from each parent to allow the team to sleep alone in the tent. The female trainer will be accommodated nearby in another tent.

If delegations arrive with more than one trainer who explicitly do not want to sleep in the tent with the teams, an extra charge for an own tent has to be paid. In this case, coaches can also be put together with coaches from other teams.

In order to assign tents, the United World Games must be notified of the exact number and gender of all players and coaches on the team(s).

Each team must pay a deposit for the camp (depending on the size of the group) which will of course be refunded at check-out, if the tent/beds are returned properly. The following scale applies: up to 20 persons – € 200,-; up to 40 persons – € 400,-, up to 50 persons – € 500,- in cash.

Click here for further information: UWG Camp Guidelines

Youth hostel: Another very popular accommodation and therefore booked out super-fast. Please note: most of our youth hostels are located outside of Klagenfurt so you would need your own transportation to get there.

Bed and Breakfast: The majority of the B&Bs are located outside of Klagenfurt so if you choose this category you should be mobile as well.

Hotel Classic: The category Hotel Classic offers a good price-performance ratio and can be found around the Wörthersee.

Hotel Plus: For those who like it a little more luxurious, we have of course also the best hotels in the Wörthersee region to choose from.

There is one golden rule when it comes to booking your accommodation: The earlier you book, the more choices you have! That’s why we kindly ask you to sign up as soon as possible! Get in in touch with us and we will help you find the best solution for your team.

Here you can find more info about the accommodation categories: accommodation information

Current Booking Status

UWG Camp
Bed & Breakfast
Hotel Classic
Hotel Plus


The centre of the United World Games is the so called Wörthersee stadium, a state-of-the-art sports arena that was built for the European Soccer Championships 2008, that took place in Austria and Switzerland. The stadium has a capacity of 32,000 and together with the surrounding training fields, the built-in sports hall, which is one of the biggest in all of Austria, and the classy VIP rooms, it forms the “Sportpark Klagenfurt”, the heart of the Games.

Along with the EURO 2008 Arena as a centre, a number of other sports venues in Klagenfurt and surroundings are used for our various tournaments as well.

Open Air Basketball Arena in the City Centre of Klagenfurt

On Friday and Saturday, a number of games of the official UWG Basketball tournament will take place at the Neuer Platz. Visit us and experience intense basketball-action in the heart of Klagenfurt!

International Food Court

The way to an athlete’s heart is through his stomach! That’s why healthy and balanced food is one of our main concerns.

Our Food Court offers a large variety of food. No matter whether you prefer the typical Austrian Cuisine, the exotic Asian cooking or even favour the famous Italian dishes – the Food Court leaves nothing to be desired!

Located directly at the Players Town, at our Food Court we not only set great value on healthy food, but also on a very diverse nutrition. A mix of dishes from various different cultures awaits you.

Among others, the following food is offered inside the food court:

  • Mixed salads
  • Pasta
  • Wiener Schnitzel
  • Pizza: Margarita, Salami etc.
  • Burgers & Fries
  • Sweets, fresh fruits and Coffee at the Sweet Corner

The food package can be booked in advance!

Players Town & Activities

The Players Town is the pulsating heart of the Games. Here you will find the headquarters of the Organizing Committee, the office of the Tournament Board and the general information desk. It is also the place to be when it comes to food, dancing and laughter…

Upon arriving in Klagenfurt, your very first path will lead you to the Players Town – at our Check-In area we will welcome you to the United World Games and take the final steps for your registration.

The tournament board is also located in this area of the stadium in order to have all sports related questions answered right away. The updated results and standings of the UWG tournaments will be displayed here.

Located inside our big stadium, the Players Town also accommodates our international Food Court, in which athletes and fans alike can enjoy their meals, fill their bellies and recharge their batteries, all while watching exciting games down on the field. A tasty variety of dishes from all over the world is waiting for you.

As the heart of our Games, the Players Town offers plenty of space for our side events such as the Oktoberfest, Opening Ceremony, Players Party and Gala Dinner.

Besides relaxing in the chillout area, souvenir shopping at our merchandise stands or getting excited at the entertainment area, the participants get the chance to get to know new sports live and on the spot.

Another Highlight in our Players Town is the Fun Area, where action, fun and adrenalin is waiting for you at various activities. Feel the flow on our Pumptrack, reach the top of our climbing rock and experience free fall at the Bag Jump! The Fun Area is the place to be for all action-lovers!

Last but not least, integrated in the Fun Area is the [] stage. The Welcome Party will take place there on Thursday. Karaoke and table soccer are the highlights, which will also be offered on all other days of the event. This way everybody has the chance to enjoy his or her favourite songs or give their best at table soccer.

The program is implemented by the youth cultural center K2 [] in cooperation with the Jugendforum Mozarthof. Young people between the ages of 14 and 27 can take advantage of the services offered by the Youth Cultural Centre, which encourages them to spend their leisure time and develop their cultural skills by supporting their own projects or participating in live events.

To make it short – the Players Town is the ideal place for cultural exchange and life-long friendship and it is guaranteed that nobody will be bored!

Make use of your time and visit the Players Town whenever your tournament schedule permits!

Click here for a detailed plan of the Players Town!                                                                                                           


Südring 207 
A-9020 Klagenfurt

Arrival & Transport

A lot of teams travel from far away to Klagenfurt so naturally transportation is an important topic. No matter if you have your own vehicle or decide to make use of public transportation – here is a quick overview of the most important info.

Here you find the Players Town:

Sportpark Klagenfurt
Südring 207 
9020 Klagenfurt

The UWG shuttlebus system is a well established transportation system that allows to reach the many important tournament locations in no time. In combination with the well developed public transportation network of Klagenfurt you will easily get from A to B and C and D…etc.

For a small service charge every athlete can use all shuttle busses as well as all public busses during tournament days.


Here you can find detailed information regarding the shuttle bus lines:

All venues and shuttle bus lines

Venues Villach & Ferlach

Schedule Shuttle busses

Public Transport Lines Klagenfurt (Day)

Public Transport Lines Klagenfurt (Evening)

Thanks a lot to our transportation partner:

A lot of clubs are facing a long and expensive drive and therefore we are organising busses to share for individual teams from all over Europe. This way we can help find a more affordable solution to transfer to Klagenfurt. Whether your team is from Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin or Barcelona – just get in touch with us if you need help with organizing transportation.

Klagenfurt is located at the A2 highway and in order to reach the Players Town directly please use exit KLAGENFURT WEST.

Our welcome team will pick you up at the train station, guide you to the Check-In at the Players Town and drop you off at your accommodation. Of course we will do the same at your departure. This service is included with the shuttle ticket.

We are also arranging pick-ups from the airport..

In case you do not find a direct flight to Klagenfurt we suggest the following airports:
– Vienna
– Munich
– Ljublijana
– Venice
– Treviso
– Triest

If you need further transportation from one of these airports we happily assist in organizing these transfers as well.


Of course our proud parents, grand parents and the numerous fans that tag along with the teams are very close to our hearts as well – you make the big UWG family the awesome community that it is! 🙂

Year after year we are thrilled to see so many of you accompanying your sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, grandsons, granddaughters and friends to Klagenfurt and so we really want to take time to welcome you to Austria. It is our pleasure to find the ideal accommodation for you, so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your time with us in Carinthia…

No matter if camp site, bed and breakfast places or fancy wellness hotels – you’ll be spoilt for choice! Needless to say, we’ll also gladly take care of your board, as we want your UWG experience to be as fabulous and positive as possible!



Everyone is allowed to participate, no matter what level of play! Among our thousands of participants there are school teams, clubs teams, select teams and youth national teams.


The UWG are not only a tournament. They are so much more than just playing the sport you love. At the UWG you’ll meet young players your age from all over the world not just on the playing fields, but – even better – you will have several opportunities to really get to know them. Our Players Town is the perfect place to hang out and make new friends!!!

How Many games does each team have?

In every team sport there is a group stage that is played Friday and Saturday morning. After the group stage the KO stage starts. The best teams of each group play for the championship (KO round/s plus semifinal and final). The other teams play in pools A, B, C etc. for their seeding. That way every team plays teams on thier level of play. Teams have about 4 to 6 games.


We have special packages for the various travel budgets of our teams. Just get in touch with us to receive the official price list.


The Games are organized by the non-profit organization United World Games whose aim it is to foster cultural exchange through sports events and programs.

Can parents or family memberS attend as well?

Yes, of course, the family members of our athletes are very welcome to attend the Games and cheer on the side line. Every year we have more and more parents joining. We offer a special parents package and there are several special activities for our parents.


The Players Town is the center of the Games inside our beautiful EURO 2008 stadium. It houses not only the Check-In, Tournament Office and General Information desk but also our famous international food court, lounge & entertainment area, merchandise stands and one part of the UWG Camp.


Yes, we do offer gluten free and lactose free meal choices, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.


Yes, we organize pick up form the various airports for the teams and also provide a sophisticated transport system to get around in Klagenfurt – two shuttle bus lines in addition to the well-proven public busses.



The official deadline is April 15th, but keep in mind that the spots are filling fast and many accommodations are already filled way before that. So, the earlier you register, the better it is!