The breathtaking and impressive opening ceremony marks the beginning of the Games and is for sure THE highlight of the event.

All nations are presented while the crowd is cheering on the teams. Awesome show-acts and our entertainment team will get you partying!

In the end the oath of fairness will be taken. A breathtaking moment and one-in-a-lifetime-experience…

Some of you will have the chance to present your countries’ flag to the crowd in the stadium.

In order to have a fair selection of the flag presenting teams we will hold a draw after the registration period for the UWG 2021 is over.
The principle is simple: The more participants per nation, the more teams will be officially representing the nation.
Therefore, we will draw between 2 to 6 teams per nation, depending on the number of participants for each country.

Don’t worry if you and your friends won’t be chosen for the march of the Nations, you guys will still play an important role during the opening ceremony! You will represent your team and your country while cheering on the representatives from the stands.
Without the excitement, the laughter and the joy of all of you, the big ceremony would not be the same!

Note: Make sure you bring your country’s colours (flags, bandanas, scarfes etc.) with you!

Tickets are available at the box office (Stadium Entrance North) for €15,00.

For all athletes and guests who booked a fan package the entrance to the opening ceremony is included.

Day: Friday, June 21st, 2024
Start: 8:00 pm
Location: Wörthersee Stadium – Players Town