UWG 2019 – Thank you for being part of it!

Dear UWG family,

we would like to take a moment to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for having been a part of the UWG 2019.

Without you – our dear participants – our big festival of sports and international friendship could not have taken place and it is all of you who turn our United World Games into a unique, colourful and cross-cultural event.

We are grateful that you have put your trust in us and that you have undertaken long and exhausting journeys to be part of it.
We are happy that you have celebrated our 15-year anniversary with us and that you have joined our global movement.
We hope that you had fun and that you’ve experienced many moments of joy at the United World Games, making new friends and connecting with opposition teams.

Together we have sent out a message of global unity to the world and demonstrated the power of sports to bring people from all over the globe together and unify them through their common passion.
We’ve seen many fantastic tournaments and competitions, we’ve been impressed with some of the skills and performances on show and above all we were glad to see the love for sport and the enthusiasm of children from all corners of the world, which is exactly what our event aims to promote.

As organizing team we did our best to provide you with a positive and memorable experience and to ensure the Games would run as smoothly and as well organised as possible.
In case there were a couple of bumps and inconveniences for some of you, we’d like to apologize and hope that you will still look back with a smile on your face and remember the good times at the UWG 2019.

Many of you have already sent us feedback and messages of gratitude, which make us happier than you can imagine. As we are still wrapping up the event, we hope you’ll forgive us if we take a little while to respond to you. As soon as we are done wrapping up UWG 2019 and after we’ve allowed ourselves a short breather we will get right to it and start working on the first preparations for UWG 2020. We’d be thrilled if we saw many of you in Klagenfurt again in the future, please feel free to save the date: June 25-28, 2020.

We would also like to send out a big THANK YOU to all of our sponsors, partners, volunteers, referees, groundskeepers, paramedics and the many helpers, without whom our event could not have taken place successfully – your support is appreciated greatly.

Once again thank you to every single one of you, have an amazing summer everyone!

Your UWG Team

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